Recipe: Perfect Fish and chips with peas

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Fish and chips with peas. Sprinkle the fish fillets with salt and pepper. Coat the fish in the remaining all-purpose flour and then dip into the batter to completely coat. Serve the fish with the chips, mushy peas and malt vinegar on the side.

Fish and chips with peas See more family dinner recipes at Tesco Real Food. Remove from the heat, then roughly mash. The simple classic dish of fish and chips is enhanced by the bittersweet flavoured pea puree. You can cook Fish and chips with peas using 3 ingredients and 1 steps. Here is how you achieve it.

Ingredients of Fish and chips with peas

  1. You need of Oven.
  2. You need of Heat.
  3. You need of Vinegar.

The triple-cooked chips are inspired by the recipe from It has the flavour of peas, with an undercurrent of sweet and bitter, remarkable colour and stunning visual effect. The seasoned flour is a simple, lighter. Drain and mash the peas with the yoghurt Use frozen peas over fresh as they are sweet and tender. Other types of fish that can be used are trout fillets, mackerel fillets, haddock and cod.

Fish and chips with peas instructions

  1. Put in the oven.

Traditional fish and chips with peas and tartar sauce Delicious cod fish and chips with peas close-up on a plate. British Fish & Chips are a national treasure and there's no denying their popularity. Fresh cod is beer battered then shallow fried to golden perfect and served with a side of thick cut chips and peas. Yippee – Healthy fish, chips and mushy peas!. Drain well and return to the pan then add the crème fraîche and mint and mash with.

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