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Lab e shireen 😋🍨. Lab E Shireen: Presents Lab E Shireen Recipe in Urdu/Hindi & English. Learn how to make Easy Lab E Shireen Recipe at Home. Lab E Shireen: Perfect Lab e Shireen Recipe to meet your sweet carvings.

Lab e shireen 😋🍨 Lab e Shireen is a rich, creamy and luscious Pakistani recipe which is eaten at many auspicious occasions like Eid, weddings and Iftar parties in. Lab e Shireen is a delicious sweet dessert, whose recipe was introduced lately in South Asia (Pakistan and India). Before the time of Labe Shireen, we only knew kheer, halwa or sheer khurma as after-meal desserts in Pakistan. You can cook Lab e shireen 😋🍨 using 10 ingredients and 8 steps. Here is how you cook that.

Ingredients of Lab e shireen 😋🍨

  1. You need of kg milk (i used Karhai wala doodh).
  2. It’s of Sugar as per taste.
  3. You need of Custard powder 2 tablespoon thandy doodh MN mix krn.
  4. It’s of Pasta siwaiyan 2 tablespoon spoon crushed krlain.
  5. You need of Almond 40 Rs MN 10 to 13 ajaengy.
  6. You need of Cream.
  7. You need of mangoes cubes And some slices for decor.
  8. It’s of sa 3 banana slices.
  9. You need of now chocolate ke slices MN na potatoes pillar sa bny thy.
  10. You need of packet jelly powder.

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Lab e shireen 😋🍨 instructions

  1. Sub sa phly doodh ko boil krn or Thora Yani half cup room temperature waly doodh MN custard powder mix kar ke boil any baad add krn spoon chalati rahain.
  2. Custard ke 2 minute bd he pasta siwaiyan add krn phir sugar bh add krdain or spoon chalati rhn.
  3. Ub jaisy he thickness ay flame off krdain.
  4. Ek sauce pan MN 1cup pani. Lain isy stove par rkhn boil any par Half packet jelly powder is MN add krn spoon sa achi trhn mix krn phir stove off krdain or room temperature par thanda krn thn ksi bh mould MN Daal kar isy fridge MN rakh dain.
  5. Ub jab custard wala doodh room temperature par ajy to is MN cream add Kar ke mix krdain or sath he almonds fruits And jelly bh add krdain.
  6. Assembling ke liye phly kuch fruits base mn lagaen phir tyyr lab e shreen phir fruits, jelly And almonds thn decor krlain mango, chocolate ke tukry sa phir refrigerator MN rakh dain chill hny ke liye.
  7. Now tyyr hai apki Bht he mazedaar Lab e Shreen 🍨😋.
  8. Must try krn or Feed back dain 👍🙂.

Recipe of Lab-e-Shireen by Cooking Expert Shireen Anwer(Anwar). Lab-e-Shireen is a new South Asian dessert that sounds and appear completely classic. Enjoy fruits and noodles in a delicious creamy custard. Comments posted by users for Lab-e-Shireen recipe Lab E Shireen RecipeLab-e-Shireen Recipe – How to make Lab e Shireen – Easy Dessert Recipes by Kitchen With Harum. Scegli i prodotti, aggiungili al carrello, paga, ricevi i tuoi prodotti.

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