Recipe: Delicious Brinjal potato with ketchup

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Brinjal potato with ketchup. In this vepudu recipe, the potatoes are cooked until fork-tender while the cubed brinjals tend to lose shape with the fleshy pulp melding with the spices to Place lid and cook on low to medium flame till the brinjals and potatoes turn soft. The stir fry will be close to a gooey. Brinjals koora, Brinjals Kuzhambu, Brinjals torkari.

Brinjal potato with ketchup Now add the brinjal pieces, reduce flame to low and mix well. Brinjals or eggplant or aubergine also known as baingan in Hindi, badne kai in Kannada, vankaya in Telugu , begun in Bengali, vangi in Marathi and vangan in Sindhi is common vegetable available throughout the year. Potato chips, after all, are essentially the same exact food as French fries, which as we know are ketchup's best friend. You can have Brinjal potato with ketchup using 14 ingredients and 4 steps. Here is how you achieve that.

Ingredients of Brinjal potato with ketchup

  1. You need of Green color brinjal 3 now.
  2. Prepare of potato finely chopped.
  3. You need of onion finely chopped.
  4. It’s of cumin.
  5. You need of mustard.
  6. Prepare of hing.
  7. You need of chilli powder.
  8. It’s of turmeric.
  9. It’s of garam masala.
  10. You need of Salt.
  11. It’s of ketchup.
  12. You need of Curry.
  13. You need of oil.
  14. It’s of tomato finely chopped.

Brinjals and potatoes are cooked together with whole garam masala and flavourful masala. Ingredients for Brinjal and Potato Rassa Recipe. Brinjal pakoda recipe with step by step photos – easy and tasty snack of fried crisp brinjal bajji or fritters made with gram flour (besan). There are occasions when I make pakoras.

Brinjal potato with ketchup step by step

  1. Wash and cut the brinjal into small pieces.
  2. Heat the pan add oil when oil is hot add mustard and cumin seeds when it starts crackle add onion stir for 2 minutes then add curry leaves brinjal hing salt turmeric and stir for 2 minutes and reduce the flame.
  3. Now add chilli powder tomato mix well and add 1 cup water let it cook for 5 minutes or until done to soft.
  4. Now add garam masala and ketchup mix well let it cook for 1 minutes switch off the flame Simple and yummy brinjal potato with ketchup is ready serve with chapati dosa idly parota or with naan thank you happy cooking..

For the last few days we had sudden unseasonal rains and I did make pakoras in the dull cold weather. Potato-Wash and peel potatoes and make big cubes and make zigzag slits on each piece. Here's a question for you: Why aren't we dunking our potato chips in ketchup? Well consider this a wake-up call: The next time you pile some potato chips on your plate during a summer cookout, squirt some ketchup on the side and. Vankaya pachadi aka brinjal chutney is a popular condiment from Andhra cuisine made with eggplants, green chilies, garlic and cumin.

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