Recipe: Appetizing Black Rice Pudding

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Black Rice Pudding.

Black Rice Pudding You can have Black Rice Pudding using 8 ingredients and 5 steps. Here is how you achieve that.

Ingredients of Black Rice Pudding

  1. You need 1/2 Cup of Alce Nero's Organic Wholemeal Black Rice,.
  2. It’s 1 Cup of Water,.
  3. It’s of Coconut Milk Preferably Organic, 1/2 Cup + More For Garnishing.
  4. Prepare Pinch of Sea Salt,.
  5. You need of Palm Sugar / Gula Melaka, 1.5 TBSP Adjust To Preference.
  6. Prepare of Papaya Finely Diced Preferably Organic, For Garnishing.
  7. Prepare of Toasted Coconut Flakes Preferably Organic, For Garnishing.
  8. You need of Palm Sugar Syrup / Gula Melaka Syrup. For Garnishing.

Black Rice Pudding step by step

  1. Wash Alce Nero's black rice in a bowl of water until the water turns blackish. Strain and rinse under running water. Return black rice into the same bowl and repeat the process. Transfer the washed black rice into a sauce pot. Add water, coconut milk, salt and sugar. Stir to combine well..
  2. Bring the heat up to medium-low and cook on a gentle simmer. Cover and cook for about 30 mins or until the rice is tender and the liquid has almost evaporated. Check and stir occasionally to prevent burning. If the liquid evaporates before the rice is cooked and tender, add more water, 1/4 cup at a time..
  3. When you press a grain of rice, it should smashed easily. You can serve this hot or cold and serve this how ever you desired. I prefer mine cold. I transferred into a serving glass and set aside in the fridge until chilled..
  4. I drizzle some more coconut milk over the rice pudding. Garnish with papaya, coconut flakes and a light drizzle of palm sugar syrup..
  5. To toast coconut flakes, transfer into a skillet over medium heat and toast until lightly browned. To make palm sugar syrup, transfer 200g of palm sugar, 60g of water and 2 pandan leaves (tied into knot) into a sauce pot. Cook until the sugar has completely dissolved. Pass it thru a fine strainer. Discard any residue.*.

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